الثلاثاء، 21 يونيو 2011

My Summer Plans

First thing I'm going to do this summer is to do the driving test and get my driver license because I really do need it to survive.  I applied several months ago and I past the paper test but the manual test I did not do yet because I’m busy with my classes and homeworks. My second plan for this summer is to go on a vacation to Lebanon for a week or ten days.  I like Lebanon because I think it is a very lovely small country.  I love to go there to do shopping and watching the latest movies.

الأربعاء، 8 يونيو 2011

Yasameen.Jawdat\ Classwork 8

The movie talks about how the technology will be in the future and how it will a huge part of our life.  It shows how the computers developed a lot in different areas like housekeeping, cars, eyecontance, smart buses, and video games.  Also, I do not think that the robots will be more superior then human because human made them after all to suirve the them.  May be the robots will be smarter and stronger then human, but thier smartness will be restricted to the limites that the programmer of the designer put to them to fallow.  In short, the roports will never be a better then us because they are limited to the instructions that are given to them.  About my imprasstion, I think the avatar Cleaopatra is very cool and creative, I loved her a lot.  I think she is very useful to control the house espacially if it was big and there is chlidren in it or if there is few people in the house.